Getting Enough Sleep is Vital to Our Well-being

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Sleeping well is the most important thing we can do to maintain our mental and physical health outside of eating. We offer some pointers on how to get a full night’s rest.

Sleep is as essential to our bodies as food. It nourishes us and keeps us healthy. It allows us to recharge our minds, process our days (both the good and bad stuff), and it even helps us eliminate metabolic waste. We spend more than one-third of our lives sleeping (or trying to sleep), and it’s a vital part of our mental and physical wellbeing.

If you struggle with sleep, you’re not alone. The American Sleep Association estimates that anywhere from 50 to 70 million Americans struggle with sleep problems. Around 30 percent of adults struggle with some form of insomnia at some point in their lives, and around 10 percent of adults can have chronic insomnia. Bill Fish is the Managing Editor for the National Sleep Foundation, and he says that sleep is as crucial to our bodies as breathing.

“Sleep is considered the third pillar of wellness to go along with diet and exercise. It is an integral part of our health regimen. Each adult should be getting between seven and nine hours of quality sleep on a nightly basis. If you aren’t, you aren’t preparing your mind and body to take on the day,” he says.

You can read more about setting yourself up for the best sleep you can possibly get by checking out my story at Shondaland.

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