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Abigail Bassett is a former CNN journalist and Senior Producer, and a freelance content creator, writer, and curator, whose work has appeared in publications like Maxim.comForbes, Fortune, Money Magazine, Yahoo, Automobile Magazine , Autoweek, Encyclopedia Britannica, Digital Trends, Ars Technica, SlickDeals, KBB, Bentley Magazine, and on CNN.

Over the last year, Abigail was the Senior Director of Video, Photo and Social Media at Edmunds, the car shopping site. During her time there, Abigail strategically built, implemented, and grew, a video and social media strategy that worked across Edmunds, multiple social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest) and various video platforms. Under Abigail’s direction Edmunds’ YouTube watch time increased by nearly 250%, average view duration jumped by 62%, and views increased by more than 110% in just six months.  Even more importantly, YouTube subscribers grew by more than 500% in less than a year when she implemented a simple, clear, regular strategy.

At Edmunds Abigail managed a full-time staff of nine people, growing it from just five, in less than a year. She also managed a $600,000 annual budget that included capital expenditures, systems, employees, and boosting content.

Prior to Edmunds, Abigail was a full-time freelancer. While she wrote for major outlets, she has also helped create and launch the website for the men’s skincare line, Tenzing Skincare and spent a year as the Editorial Director for a tech start-up specializing in wine and spirits delivery, Thirstie, merging the worlds of marketing and sell-through content into shareable, creative, approachable, and compelling content. She’s also been a ghostwriter for Fortune 500 CEOs and written white papers for top-level academic technology companies.

Her passion is telling unique stories that have an impact on the world. She uses a variety of media and takes visitors and viewers places that they’ve never been–whether it’s into the cockpit of a rare supercar, under the hood of brand new technology, inside an exclusive home or hotel, or behind the scenes of a fashionable event.

She is the owner and CEO of  CNTRL Media, LLC a company providing content strategy, content creation and management,  and content curation to major brands. She has managed remote staffs as large as 50 people.

Prior to launching her business, Abigail was a Senior Producer at CNN Business, the premier business news website for CNN.

As a Senior Producer, she managed a team of freelance and full-time video producers and writers all over the world, who created compelling daily and weekly business news video for the Web. She worked with everything from breaking news to feature content and across platforms with CNN Networks,, Fortune, and Money Magazine to increase the dimension and breadth of the CNNMoney content and boost brand awareness while creating a compelling and user-friendly video experience for visitors.

Abigail spearheaded the creation of CNNMoney’s automotive, homes, and luxury video content and was featured in Vanity Fair as a Top 10 Auto Journalist. Abigail has hosted a panels at the TriBeCa Film Festival Disruptive Innovation Awards, talking with technology thought leaders about The Changing Face of Innovation. She has also hosted conferences for Fast Company and Inc. sitting down with CEOs and founders in the wellness space to discuss the creation of our body by design and the early days of subscription services. She’s given presentations to journalism students as a guest speaker and been cited as an expert in her field.

Prior to being a Senior Producer Abigail was a Digital Video Producer with CNNMoney (now CNN Business), establishing the video brand online through engaging online business news video content—shooting, writing, editing, and hosting any number of online spots on a daily basis. She single-handedly drove video page views up more than 200% in less than a year.

Before moving into web media, Abigail was a television news producer with CNN, covering stories ranging from personal finance to politics; national and international disasters to war coverage. She has contributed to coverage on major news stories including the second Iraq War, Hurricane Katrina, the Pope’s death, and President Reagan’s funeral. She began her career at CNN as an Editorial Producer for Lou Dobbs Tonight, booking and interviewing major world leaders on numerous topics. During her time there she earned an Emmy for contributing to the Broken Borders series.

Prior to her work at CNN, Abigail worked with Barbara Walters as an Associate Producer on her The Barbara Walters Specials. She has also worked on a number of talk show and reality show pilots, as well as the Academy Award winning, Martin Scorsese film,  Gangs of New York.

She’s an active Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook  user.

Abigail is a graduate of the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School For Communications in Los Angeles.

She travels everywhere and doesn’t necessarily consider herself a resident of any one place. When she is home in Los Angeles, she teaches yoga,  writes, runs, works on her two 1980s era Volvo station wagons, camps, surfs and attempts to meditate (it’s a work in progress).

For some of Abigail’s on-air work check out the video below:

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  1. Nice story on Gwen Jorgansen. Amazing she runs 100 miles a week while pregnant. At 64, a retired firefighter, I still run…running the famous Empire State building stair race 17 times, and Mt Washington road race 7 times for charity, raising $ 35,000.00. It’s what us runners do-lol …again, nice article

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