Freelance Journalist, Writer, On-Air Television, Video, Conference & Podcast Host and Moderator, and Senior Content Badass.



On-Air & On Stage moderating & Hosting

I moderate and host large scale digital events, podcasts, television & online shows, and in-person events and conferences for world-renown publications, brands and companies.

Health, Wellness, Beauty & Travel

I am a 500-hour Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher and have been covering the health, wellness, beauty and travel spaces for many years. I cover everything from the latest intersection of technology and travel, to beauty trends, the science of sleep, and diet and exercise.

Business, Technology, Transportation & Climate Change

The world is changing, and its high time that we all took responsibility for the impact that our actions have on the environment. Technology can help. I cover everything from EVs, automotive and infrastructure, to climate change and AI.

Breaking News, Politics & Social Justice

With more than ten years of experience as a Senior Producer at CNN, I have deep experience covering difficult, fast-moving topics relevant to a global audience.

An award-winning and experienced, journalist, writer, on-air talent, and television producer with more than two decades of diverse experience, I am a winner of numerous awards, including two Emmys. I’ve covered everything from health and wellness and travel to breaking news and worldwide events for top-tier outlets all over the world.

I regularly interview world leaders, journalists and editors, business executives, and everyday people for a wide variety of stories and outlets, creating content for written stories, audio podcasts, and digital and television shows. I spent more than ten years as a Senior Producer at CNN in New York. I reside in Los Angeles with my partner, dog, and cat. When I’m not writing, producing, or doing on-camera and podcast work, I am teaching yoga, riding my bike, or out running with my dog.

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"Smart, vivacious, dependable ... I can't say enough about Abby's work for us. Her pieces were on target and incisive and her production standards high ... despite temperamental technology and ... sometimes ... temperamental subjects and talent. Her attitude is first rate and she always gets the job done, both in time and to spec. Abby is an asset to any organization looking for a multimedia edge."
Allen Wastler
Head of Digital Content, Mass Mutual, Former CNBC & CNN Journalist
"Abigail is my top pick for most stories given her versatility and expert reporting skills. She has a strong allegiance to journalistic ethics, and always turns in pieces that are complete with extensive source notes and recordings from her interviews. When pursuing interviews with busy, leading experts, she demonstrates tenacity, follow-through, and resourcefulness, often securing interviews at the last minute when an assignment requires a tight turnaround. No matter how small a topic might seem, she always includes quotes from thought leaders or experts and manages to include a fresh spin that differentiates her articles from those that have already done rounds on the internet or in publications."
Tracy Chabala
Lifestyle Editor, Shondaland
”Abigail was always cool under pressure and such an unselfish collaborator that I was impressed immediately, in the first month of working with her. Over our years of working side-by-side, I also got to witness firsthand her talents as a creative storyteller and a dynamic teacher to her team."
Ben Baer
Executive Editor, Fast company