BLINQ Review: Giving Returned Products a Second Chance

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Retail businesses are constantly finding new ways to bombard customers with things to buy. But as online shopping platforms grow, more and more products are getting returned to warehouses. Many of these items, regardless of whether they work or not, end up in a landfill because big companies just don’t have the workforce or the space to hold onto and resell them. That’s where the new shopping platform BLINQ comes in.

BLINQ is the consumer-facing retail platform for a return logistics company called Optoro. That’s a fancy way of saying that Optoro helps big-box retailers (its client list includes companies like Target, Best Buy, Staples, BJs, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and others) manage and resell the items that customers return. The hope is that by reselling and/or recycling these returns, BLINQ can reduce the nearly five billion pounds of trash that ends up in landfills, along with 15 million tons of carbon dioxide that ends up in the atmosphere as a result of the disposal.

But can you save the planet and still get a great deal by shopping at BLINQ? We decided to give the site a test run to find out.

I wrote about my experience with BLINQ for Slickdeals. Read my full story, here. 

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