Newsflash! Social media can screw up your love life

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Shayna Hefner never expected MySpace to turn her life upside down.

When she joined the social network years ago, she wasn’t sure what to do with it. One night, she and her cousin started seeking out people from Hefner’s past: old friends from high school, old co-workers, even ex-boyfriends.

At the same time, Hefner’s life and marriage began to fray at the edges. She had just given birth and recently lost her mother to illness. She began using MySpace’s blogging feature to express herself and seek support.

“Suddenly, I was part of a group of people who were all going through the same thing as me. They were moms and wives, and they were doing all these really exciting things, and I had come to realize that I kind of wanted more from my life. The blogging had really drawn people to me. I wrote about the frustration I was having with my husband and my marriage, and so many people wrote back to support me and make me feel better,” she said.


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  1. I think, a problem in the marriage should not be expressed in the form of blogs or social networking, because it will aggravate your problem, should be discussed directly with the husband, there would be a way out.

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