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Racing Bugs with Tanner Foust and Scott Speed in Miami


A tall, lanky, brown-haired man is simultaneously talking to a short, somewhat rotund older man in a fire suit and holding his finger up to pause the conversation while he listens to a squawking walkie-talkie that he holds in his hand. “Oui?” he says into the black box. It squawks back in French. His brow furrows for a moment, he picks up his phone and checks the messages and then answers the driver in French. Quickly he wraps up the conversation with the graying racer and lopes back to my table asking politely in perfect English, “Sorry, you were saying?”

This is the Fun Cup, an import racing series that is making it’s first forays into the U.S. I got a chance to spend the weekend with rally champions Tanner Foust and Scott Speed and talk about this whacky but totally enjoyable race.

Read more of my story over at Autoweek.

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