Why I Stopped Hating the Audi TT

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If I were a man, I guess you’d call me an ass man. I like wedge-shaped sports cars. A pair of nice hips that are evenly balanced with an aggressive nose will always do it for me. Angles are good in certain situations—but only when used sparingly—and please, for the love of all that is artful, do not give me non-functioning intakes on the hood or vents on the fenders. No one wants to pay good money for something that looks like it came from the Pep Boys clearance aisle.

I am picky about the way my sports cars look. I like them to be a little more Michelangelo’s David and less Jeff Koons’ Balloon Dog. Classic is great—postmodern isn’t. For this and other reasons, a confession: I never liked the looks of the Audi TT or the Chevrolet Corvette.

Read more of my commentary over at Time Inc.’s brand new automotive platform, THE DRIVE. 

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Abigail Bassett is a full-time freelance journalist, content creator, and television and video host whose work has appeared in publications like Forbes, Fortune, Automobile, Motor Trend, Money Magazine, and on CNN. Her passion is telling unique stories using a variety of media and taking the visitor places that they have never been–whether it’s into the cockpit of a rare supercar, inside an exclusive home or hotel, or behind the scenes of a fashionable event. She is also a Yoga Alliance Registered 200-hour yoga teacher.

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