The New Jeep Cherokee: Great drive, eh looks

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The new Jeep Cherokee takes to the roads

The new Jeep Cherokee takes to the roads

When Jeep first announced their new Jeep Cherokee at the 2013 New York Auto Show, the reception its design received was….well….to put it lightly…a bit mixed.

Jeep purists complained about the bent grill and the “squinting” headlights and Chryslers seeming disregard for the old-school boxy looks that personified the compact SUVs of the 90s.

While I am still not keen on the looks, I was hugely impressed with the capabilities of the Jeep Cherokee when I had the opportunity to drive it and the Trailhawk version around the hills of Malibu California.

Click here (or watch below) to find out what I thought of the Jeep Cherokee and see my counterpart and I put it through its paces on a brutal off-road course.

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