One of My Favorite Sports Cars: The Porsche Boxster S

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I have a bit of a confession to make–I grew up as a Porsche girl.

My dad had plenty of cars when I was a child but the one that stands out the most in my memory was a 1970s era whale tail 911 that made a rattly tin can sound as my dad took off around the block. I loved the way the car was shaped–in my childhood mind it looked like a cartoon car. I also loved the way my dad drove it. He’d strap me in and take me around the block, careful to just get the tail out a little bit and make me giggle.

Recently I got a chance to spend the weekend with the brand new 2013 Boxster S–no more tail wagging here (well unless you really work hard at it)–and I still have a thing for Porsches. This car is truly perfect as a daily driver, but also as a fun, head-turning sports car. While I wasn’t in love with the lemon-lime metallic color, I loved spending time behind the wheel of this machine. It remains one of my favorite sports cars on the market.

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