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The Future of Business Travel in 2021

The global pandemic has forced leaders across industries to rethink design and the user experience. When the practical safety concerns of their products and services come into play, “form follows function” becomes paramount. This is particularly true for the travel industry, as business and leisure […]

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The more “affordable” Aston Martin

If you’re anything like me — then you understand the unmistakable draw of Aston Martins. But, when you find out just how much they cost–well–then you realize that there’s just no way to ever afford one. Even if you mortgaged your house. That is–until now. […]

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Driving a 651hp Ferrari FF on Ice

Driving a 651hp all-wheel drive super car is one thing…driving a car with that kind of power on an ice track is a whole other ball game. It was a blast–and an awesome learning experience. And P.S. I wasn’t the one that put it into […]

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