End of the Year Car Deals for 2019

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We’re rapidly approaching the end of the year (and decade) which means that now is one of the best times to score a really great deal on a 2019 or 2020 vehicle in any number of Holiday Sales Events or Year End Car Deal programs by various manufacturers.

While Black Friday appears to have been a boon to most automakers, there are still plenty of 2019 and 2020 models on the lots that dealers are looking to move.

That means that for the month of December we’ll continue to see deals that are similar to those we saw for Black Friday. These include 0-percent financing, tremendous cash-back offers (particularly from automakers like Chevrolet, GM and Fiat-Chrysler)  and incentives on 2019 and some 2020 vehicles. This month we’ve added a few automakers to the list because even high-end luxury makers like Porsche and Maserati are offering discounts. Here are a few of the best car deals for December 2019.

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