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Did BMW Get its Mojo Backwith the 2016 M2?

Few car fans talk about their favorites the way BMW acolytes speak of BMW’s E line—the code name for cars BMW designed up until around 2012. The styling, the performance, and the driving characteristics defined BMW for an entire generation. Since the change over to the current BMW F Line, those same enthusiasts (this one included) have bemoaned an era they saw as bloated, sunken-cheeked, fish-faced, fake-vent and generally backward. Even the engine noises are faked through the stereo system, for heaven’s sake.
That is…until now. The 2016 M2 gives us Bimmer-brained fans something worth celebrating, and puts the joy back into a brand that has, for too long, poured out watered-down shots of the “ultimate driving machine.”

Find out what I thought about driving the new M2 on the Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey by checking out my story over at Yahoo! Autos. 

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