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Why the West Coast is on Fire

Climate change is one of the major reasons California, Oregon, and Washington State are up in flames. Changes on a collective and individual level can help thwart further destruction. Fire is celebration, warmth, food, and safety. It’s also dangerous, deadly, fast-moving, and currently ripping through […]

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The Power of Finding Flow

If you have ever been around elite athletes, artists or creatives, you have probably heard them talk about getting “into the zone.” If you’re lucky, you’ve probably felt that state yourself while pursuing any number of activities, whether it’s doing deeply focused work, doing a […]

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How Color Affects Us

Colors can change our mood, our focus, and impact our mental health. Here’s how to make the most of them. We are visual creatures. As we navigate the world, light comes in through our eyes and is translated into signals in our brains that help […]

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